The YouTube Revenue Sharing Disaster

So YouTube has set up revenue sharing for approved contributors. Great. And they've got a whole heap of understandable restrictions to do with copyright, to make absolutely sure that you're not profiting from someone else's work.

So you upload a video (such as my Smartphones Show) and apply for it to be approved for revenue sharing. So far so good. But then they find some tiny piece of your video that might, possibly, potentially be a copyright problem. Does YouTube:

a) Deny the request, email you to tell you what the problem was (in case you wanted to cut the offending word/section out) and invite you to reapply later on?
b) Deny the request, delete the entire video from YouTube and put blocks in place to stop you re-uploading it for normal viewing?

Yep, you guessed it, b)

Which sucks, big time. I don't mind the powers that be getting picky over copyright and saying that I can't earn a few cents from it, but deleting the video so that people can't watch it at all is very, very heavy-handed.



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