Review: Blitzwolf BW-HP1 folding dual-driver headphones

I was searching for something specific in the field of headphones:
  • plush over-ear, i.e. comfortable padding and isolation from the noise of the world, i.e. no active noise cancelling, which always introduces artefacts
  • facility to work wirelessly (i.e. Bluetooth) and via wires (i.e. 3.5mm cable, ideally detatchable and replaceable)
  • foldable, to fit any bag and not get in the way
  • sound amazing, with super-crisp top end and deep and rich bass
  • cheap!

The last rather usually prohibits the previous requirements, but... I found what I was looking for. Made by Blitzwolf, the BW-HP1 are quite near the bottom of the price spectrum for over-ear headphones yet they sound top notch.

The main product page for these is here on Blitzwolf's site, but you can also grab these on Amazon here, for £32.99, and on Banggood here.

The catch? Well, there isn't really one unless you're a true audiophile. These work wirelessly over standard Bluetooth A2DP, but they don't support the high end aptX HD or LDAC protocols, both of which require licensing. 

But don't let that put you off, since the 'double driver' system sounds amazing - I'm guessing this means a separate high frequency tweeter in each cup. And, with suitable source material, there's superb high end, some of the crispest cymbals and hi-hats I've ever heard.

When in Bluetooth mode, the buttons shown here control playback, volume and play/pause/power. And all worked as expected, I paired to my IDOL 4 Pro and to a Pixel 2XL without issues.

Audio fidelity isn't perhaps in the very top tier overall, but at a price point of just over £30 these are terrific.

Plugging in the 3.5mm lead into a suitable audio source does give a slight quality bump again, but you lose the button control, so I'd consider the BW-HP1 to be Bluetooth first and foremost and wired as an emergency backup. For that flight or journey when you realise that the internal (microUSB-charged) battery is flat and you still have three hours to go, etc!

The frame is plastic coated metal and it all feels pretty sturdy. And yes, the arch of the headphones is adjustable, just pull the ear cups up or down, as needed.

I do have one extra quibble - the finish on the exterior plastic is 'glossy' rather than matt. I realise this is a personal thing, but for me a rubberised matt finish would have felt more premium.

Still, maybe that's just me!

You may well ask whether these have active noise cancelling - I was explicitly looking for something passive, i.e. no extra power needed, no extra drain on the internal battery, and the foam used in the pads here does a great job at isolating me from the world.

My goal of over-ears which sounded good and could be run wired or wirelessly, and all without breaking the bank, has been easily met and at this price I can certainly recommend the BW-HP1 here.


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