Google Pixel 3 case round up!

Another flagship in for review - and a compact one at that! And it means more cases to try out and score!

I've taken a likely cross-section of Pixel 3 cases, thanks to the folks at MobileFun, kind people that they are, and also to the folks at Totallee and Noreve.

See Mobile Fun's complete range of Pixel 3 cases and covers here.

In no particular order(!):

Ringke Onyx Tough Case, £18

The most protective case in this roundup, arguably, this is also the most 'bad ass', with Spigen-styling (the Spigen 'armor' cases aren't available as I write this), really tough but flexible TPU, and textured detail on the back to add to the premium feel.

There's also a slight raising of the case profile at the top and bottom of the Pixel 3, giving added protection against a face down drop. Plus, note the lanyard holes, a life saver if you're using your phone on holiday and near water and drop hazards (whatever Google says about waterproofing!)

The only downside is that you can't really tell what phone's in the case, so no logo, no colour hint, and so forth. It's black, it's stealthy, it's downright evil... in a good way!


Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear, £15

Another top notch design from Ringke, who are fast becoming one of my favourite companies. The 'Clear' design is desirable in this case because it allows the Google styling - and your choice of colour - to show through.

Yet with maximum protection. All four corners have extra reinforced plastic, in addition to small 'feet', that keep the back of the case off a dirty surface. Yes, the design looks over-fussy in places, but every 'drop' of crystalline plastic(!) is there for a reason.

As with the Onyx design above, the button cutouts are perfect too, suspended just softly enough to allow good feel onto the Pixel 3's buttons beneath.

And yes, if you spot fingerprints and dust on this case, it's because I've been using it for the whole of my Pixel 3 review (for AB and The Phones Show)!


Olixar NovaShield, £13

A very polished design that's also great value, the main feature is the combination of a smooth outer rim with 'flat' buttons and a transparent back protective panel so that you also get to enjoy the colour of your new Pixel 3.

The finish could perhaps be grippier, but then you start to run into issues getting the phone in and out of pockets, so I'm happy with the compromise.

The flat button covers look a million dollars and they work ok, if not as effortlessly as the Ringke button covers above.

All in all, the NovaShield design impressed me, though - one of Olixar's best so far.


Olixar ExoShield Clear, £10

The cheapest case in this round-up, and it shows, but there's still good value for money if you're on a budget.

As with the Ringke case before it, we're looking at high quality clear TPU design with flat sides (this helps grip), but note that you don't get any extra strength built into the corners, despite the ridged styling here.

The button covers are also a little stiff, symptomatic of a slightly cheaper case. But the Pixel 3 did feel great in the hand and I had no real issues. Plus everyone gets to see which '3' I plumped for and the Google logo!


Totallee 'Ultra Thin', $29

Also sent in for review was this design - and they're not kidding - the case weighs almost nothing and adds barely a millimetre to the bare phone.

So you not only get to see your flagship in all its glory, you also get to enjoy the original form factor.

The downside, of this is - of course - that the case is mainly adding grip and protection against casual scratches - there's no significant drop protection.

It's also pricey for something so relatively insubstantial - you'll probably want to experiment with cheaper local clear TPU shells first. You do get high quality materials though, plus protective ridges around the camera and fingerprint sensor openings.

Pretty good... at a price.


Noreve Leather Wallet, 70 Euros

There's nothing like the Noreve cases out there. You can get cheap faux-leather wallet cases, but if you want the real thing then Noreve is the way to go.

The review sample was in blue leather, but every case is hand built to your exact specification. So you pick the leather, the colour, the interior, and so on. This might mean a delay before shipping, understandably, but the result is worth it.

The front is metal, the tray tough plastic, all perfectly stitched in high quality leather. The idea in this case is that this one entity becomes your wallet and your smartphone - there are slots for your two most used cards, with the phone handling Google Pay and other loyalty stuff. A bill fold slot will take a few cash notes, just in case(!)

And it all works rather beautifully, with the obvious caveats over bulk and weight. Plus the usual folio annoyances of a 'dangling' front flap for when you're shooting photos. Oh, and, unlike cheaper cases, there's no 'hinge' built into the tray backing, so you can't use this case for acting as a media kick stand.

But the negatives aren't really important. Here it's all about the look, feel and smell of leather. Slap this down on the meeting room table and everyone will know you mean business!



I find the simpler, the better. A clear thin TPU is almost always what I end up with

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