Hasta la Vista, OS...

Like many others, my Windows XP box is starting to show signs of wear and tear and the reality of needing a new PC at some point in the next few months is starting to hit home. Yet I'm really not convinced by Windows Vista. And yes, I've read all the reviews and articles. To my mind, Vista is yet another example of Windows getting more and more bloated and of eye candy getting in the way of just 'getting the job done' (TM). There's no way in hell I'm upgrading any of our XP devices to Vista and I'm fighting to find a well-priced replacement device that doesn't come with Vista pre-loaded... I just know that all sorts of accessories and utilities simply won't work under the new OS, however many 'compatibility' layers Windows Vista now has. Or... I could buy a Mac. Now THERE'S a thought. Watch this space.


Duncan said…
Try a Thinkpad - they are available even in windows 2000 if you want. There's a very very nice model available from Lenovo U.K. - T60 with 14" screen 1400x1050 and most bells and whistles for £1400 - the one I'd go for (I have a T40 14", and it's been an awesome laptop).

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