New data tariffs? I'm seriously impressed.

No, I really am. As you know, many of the European network operators slashed their prices for data on the 1st June, some in more ways than others, but I hadn't really had a chance to test them in real life. Now, I'm on Vodafone pay-as-you-talk, famed for its previously exorbitant data rates of £7.30/MB - yes, you read that right. So I basically only ever grabbed tiny email messages and restricted myself to the mobile Web.

But, come a few spare minutes, I thought I'd experiment and put the new tariff (£1 cap per day, £2/MB, up to 15MB) to the test. Hammering the Web and some downloads, I slammed 10MB through my Nokia N95 in about 20 minutes. Checking my credit afterwards, it had indeed gone down by only £1. I'm impressed.

Let's take stock for a moment. That's £1 for 15MB, effectively, on a single day, or around 7 pence per Megabyte, compared to £7.30/MB, a hundredfold decrease in charges. In fact, impressed is something of an understatement.

Finally, finally, the networks have got the hang of helping the mobile Internet and smartphones really take off. Well done to Vodafone in particular. I've been a customer of yours for over 10 years now and you just made me loyal for the forseeable future.


mcowell said…
Hi, Steve,

I've been using T Mobile's Web'n Walk tariff for quite some time. It is fixed at about £7.50 month and allows unlimited data transfers. Their service is excellent and the tariffs are great value for money. They seem to have recognised that this is the way forward and have lead the way with with data tariffs for a long time with only now other providers belatedly getting on the band waggon.
lamancain said…
£1 a day it may be, but times 30 that ..£30 a month? ...extra? ...for data.
Why not T-mobile your data as a £7.50 a month add-on?
Yes, but it's not that simple. It's only £1 a day if you use data that day. I tend to only use data one or two days a week, when I'm mobile.

And in any case, that T-Mobile data thing is On TOP of an existing monthly contract!

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