Gah! Why do they keep changing the clocks?

Twice a year, most countries in the world change all their clocks and confuse everybody. Why???? There are arguments about wanting to let people play cricket and tennis further into the summer evenings, but surely there are as many people with young families, cursing the lighter evenings because their little ones don't think it's night time and don't want to go to sleep?

So, we have this ridiculous situation where people turn up an hour early or an hour late for everything for up to a day, plus we have to change most of the clocks on most of our appliances, risk upsetting computer software and generally endure chaos. In the name of what, exactly? Sheer madness.


Balu said…

Those daylight savings were introduced to save power. But AFAIK this has been proven wrong by different studies.

Even worse, your "inner clock" get's out of rhythm, so many people have problems for days / weeks after the switch. There are even more traffic accidents e.g. because people are "dizzy"...

Greetings from Germany, where we swited too yesterday.

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