You've just got to be wary once you see a '90 day' warranty...

My daughter and I have been eyeing up a Pleo robotic dinosaur for ages - but our last purchase (the GUPI electronic guinea pig) went a bit wrong in that the 'pets' are quite unreliable and prone to sulking.

Now I read that the warranty on new Pleos is only 90 days! Given that most electronic equipment is warrantied for a year, a figure of 90 days (with a character reincarnation program!) surely points to the fact that the manufacturers themselves recognise that the device is so fragile and has so many moving parts that something's going to break and sooner rather than later.

I'd rather read of products where there's a 'lifetime warranty' (e.g. the stuff that Proporta produce/sell) - indicating a real confidence in the reliability of their product.

Yes, I know Pleo is incredibly intricate and complex - but still - 90 DAYS??


roschler said…
Buy it from Hammacher Schlemmer. Their warranty is about 9 years last I checked. They call it their "lifetime warranty" but they mean the life of the product. I called them on this and they said that for electronics products, that's about 9 years.

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