MS DOS on Windows Phone - in 2015

Well done to the Connects team for a well done April 1st prank - creating a mini-clone of MS-DOS (from the 1980s) that runs under today's Windows Phone. It's semi-convincing too:

And there's a promo video to go with it:

The packages sent to bloggers missed a trick though - there was a fully working USB floppy drive (I last used one of these in the early 2000s!), with a floppy disk on it. I was expecting the video again, or some PowerPoint or PDF presentations or a special multimedia message, but in fact the 1.44MB floppy just had a tiny TXT file pointing people towards an online URL to grab the app on their Lumias.

Plus a neat notebook with floppy disks as covers, shown above! 8-)

Not that I'm grumbling - hey, who knows when someone will next need me to read a floppy disk(!) - but I think the April Fooling could have gone this one step further in terms of production!

Still, the prank application does work, and even kicks off the likes of Cortana if you're really dedicated.

Hey, Connects team, if you're listening, I'm still getting admiring looks at my blue Nokia t-shirt - what about one commemorating all the Lumias? - yes, I'm a t-shirt 'whore' 8-)


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