Review: the Motomo Ino Slimline for the Apple iPhone 6/6s

I know, I know, it's in rose gold. But in this case, my daughter was doing the road testing - a fortnight of real world rough and tumble, in and out of pockets and bags. And the Ino design proved hard wearing and quite superb. Yes, there are a thousand similar clip-on cases from your local high street shop at a few pounds less, but this Motomo-branded case is premium from start to finish.

The Ino case comes in deluxe packaging, with the case wrapped around a dummy iPhone cutout mounted on shaped foam. Now that's attention to detail!

The Ino Slimline design is plastic, but its beautifully finished in mock 'brushed metal', here in rose-gold that would match the iPhone it's designed to protect (though our iPhone was the original gold - not that the two clash!) and with a grippy inner lining designed to help hold the iPhone in place:

Not that the iPhone 6 or 6s would slide out, because it's held too well by the edges and corners, but in the event of a fall, the more shock protection and stability the better!

The Ino Slimline is clipped on in the usual way:

In use, the iPhone is only a millimetre or two thicker, while being protected from at least casual knocks and falls. More to the point, the case looks good too and it's a simple way to also change one's iPhone to rose gold in a few seconds(!):

The finish is stunning - and if you didn't know it was plastic you'd swear it really was rose gold brushed aluminium. The fit and finish around the phone's buttons is an area where many cases fall down, but there's sufficient clearance here and nice rounded edges, making for a very pleasant in-situ experience:

In addition to corner grip, there's extra bracing at top and bottom as well - I wasn't going to tempt fate with a drop test, but I'd guess that the typical metre drop onto tarmac would be no problem - the initial shock would be taken by the case - at worst, the case might pop off, but thereby absorbing much of the impact in the process and leaving the iPhone hopefully unscathed.

My daughter is quite picky about iPhone cases but this Motomo Ino Slimline has become a favourite. Yes, it was sent in for review, but if it hadn't been then we'd be picking up anyway. This case can be found here at Mobile Fun in their iPhone 6/6s accessories pages. I think £12.99 for this is very reasonable indeed.


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