Review: AUKEY AC600 (Dual band Wifi adapter)

The story of our laptops and Wifi is a long, tortuous one. As our Dell and HP laptops have got older (3 and 5 years respectively), their built-in Wifi circuits seem to die. Not completely, but just enough that they lose connection every few hours and have to be power cycled (or the laptop turned on and off). A right pain.

So I bought a couple of cheap USB Wifi adapters and these seemed to sort the problem out, in that connections were far more stable - but limited to the 2.4GHz band. Which was a bit annoying since every other device in the house ran on the 5GHz band - faster and more reliable (away from Microwave and other interference).

So I bought a 5GHz-compliant adapter and... it died after a couple of days and was returned for a refund.

All was then quiet until I was sent the AUKEY AC600 here for review - a newer, hopefully more robust dual band (2.4/5GHz) adapter. So we've been giving it a go - and it has been rock solid. Even on the older laptops.

It's tough to write much about something as humble as a Wifi USB dongle. It either works or it doesn't. And this is definitely the former. Oh yes, and a little green light flashes on top to let you know that data is being transferred. Which is... handy.

At only £9 on Amazon UK this is something of a bargain in terms of bringing new life and faster connectivity to older PC hardware. Recommended.


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