Galaxy Note 8 cases: four of the best

So, the Galaxy Note 8 is here, the most powerful and flexible phone on the planet - it can do everything - see my full review here. But with glass front and back, it definitely needs some protection in daily life. So I got in a selection of case designs from the friendly folk at MobileFun...

Olixar Ultra-Thin (£8)

By far the least substantial case here, the idea is to put the absolute minimum amount of material around the Note 8, so as not to increase its dimensions, but significantly improving your grip in the hand.

And 'grip' is the operative word, rather than protection. This Olixar design won't help the phone much if dropped onto concrete, it's just too insubstantial, but in theory the clammy plastic should mean that you won't drop your Note 8 in the first place.

A little expensive at £8, but this does fit snugly and the Note 8 feels a lot better for it.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid (£25)

Very expensive for what this is - a moulded TPU design, it's also my pick of the cases here. Why? Because this is no thin TPU shell - it's exquisitely crafted and designed to provide maximum protection and drops - I've no idea why Spigen's transparent plastic should be far more durable and rugged than anyone else's but it is. The company claims 'Air Cushion Technology' and the sides are indeed dual layer, which helps absorb side impacts when dropped.

I've used Spigen cases in this style for the last few years on my phones and continue to swear by them.

So you get a clear design to show off your nice (in this case gold) Galaxy Note 8, you get serious protection and extra grip, yet without adding more than a couple of millimetres all round.

Aside from the price, it's a winner all round. And, if you can afford a Note 8 in the first place, chances are you can afford the best case, too?

Zizo Retro Wallet Stand (£20)

Well, you can't fault Zizo for 'having a go'. Why not add in a credit card slot and kick stand, while surrounding the Note 8 in plastic and rubber? Why not? Because the result is 16mm thick and looks like something from a decade ago.

But then that's probably the point and why the word 'retro' is in the case title!

It's a standard in-situ case but with an extra layer of materials on the back, hiding a credit card slot (so that you can use your cased phone for card-based contactless payments without taking the card out) and a fold-out kick stand.

The card is extracted by opening the kickstand and poking out from behind - it all works, it really does. But I'm sorry, Zizo, I know you were going for 'retro' but you've turned the space age and beautiful Note 8 into a piece of plastic fantastic. And that's a compromise too far, in my opinion.

Spigen Slim Armor CS (£35)

As with the previous Spigen case, the price is somewhat outrageous, yet again the case feels so premium. Moreover, there's the card/wallet trick again, this time hidden behind a sliding panel on the back.

And again this makes the case somewhat thicker than it needs to be, but then maybe, just maybe, you can leave your wallet at home?

This case is also extremely protective, with two discrete layers of plastic, the main/inner one rubberised.

Although the idea of leaving my wallet at home appeals, in these last two case designs, in reality my wallet is a lot more than a card or two. There are loyalty cards, emergency stamps, vouchers to be used, a smartphone stand, and more.

So nice try, Spigen, but I'll save £10 and go for that Ultra Hybrid design for my Note 8 instead!


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