Review: Reusable Furniture Movers (coasters)

Back in the day, my mum and dad used to have little hollow 'coasters' under their sofa wheels, the idea being that the extra surface area meant that the wheels didn't dig into the carpet too much (and destroy the pile).

In fact these coasters also then came in handy under simple, static legs, as we found out later. Rather than have to drag sofas with legs around and 'ruck' up the carpet, stick these coasters under the legs and the sofa could be glided around with one hand. Genius!

Except that I haven't seen them in a shop... ever!

Fast forward to this month and we have two bedside units with slab wooden sides. Moveable with some effort when empty - just about impossible to budge when loaded up with books and other bedside 'stuff'.

Why move them? Because they block access to the under-bed drawers! Argh! We only need access once a month on average, but often enough that moving the units was a major pain.

So I remembered the coasters and went looking on Amazon UK. And found these, at just under a tenner for a pack of 16...

Each is tough plastic with equally tough but pliable 'EVA foam'. The idea is that the furniture edge/leg sinks into the foam, to anchor it. But the whole piece of furniture is then able to be slid on four (or more) smooth plastic surfaces rather than - in our case - a sharp and solid wooden edge.

And... it all works brilliantly, with one note from me should you want to try this solution. After placing the legs/edge on the EVA foam, you need to wait a while, an hour or so, for enough of an impression to be made that the edge/legs don't slip on the foam  once you start to apply sidewards pressure to the furniture.

And after a few days, the foam has a deep impression of what it's supporting and there's little danger of one of the 'movers'/coasters from slipping out.

Well worth a shout, though I've now got 8 left after our bedside cabinets and am going looking for more things to 'float' over our carpets!!


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