Mini-review: Vissles Wireless Charger for iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch

I have a confession to make. Though I love my iPhone 11 Pro, I don't own an Apple Watch (I don't get on with anything on my wrist). Nor Airpods (I want hi fidelity in my ears, not 'OK' quality).

Which makes me a slightly odd target for this accessory, sent in for review, but I'll give it some attention anyway, since it offers (kind of) something Apple itself promised and then failed to deliver: charging of phone, headphone case and watch all at the same time.

In fact, the Vissles Wireless Charger does cheat. Somewhat outrageously. But it gets there in the end.

What you have is a single coil 10W wireless charger (aligned in the centre), plus a wired Lightning jack on one side, magnetically aligned so that you can insert your Airpods case on top. And then, at the other end, an illuminated hole.

This last is cheeky, but hey - you're provided with a spunger and asked to split the charger open (this is easy) and then you physically insert your existing Apple Watch charger into the back of the hole. So that, when re-assembled, you're successfully able to charge all three things at the same time, albeit only one of them wirelessly.

The Airpods case magnetic jack could be hard wired, but I'm guessing the protrusion would have required larger packaging? I can see no other reason for this jack to be detachable. Odd!

Input to the whole thing is via USB Type C and there's a 1m cable included, though you'll have to source your own 2A (or greater) mains brick.

£36 is the price in UK pounds, which seems a little high given the relatively cheap glossy plastic used and the amount of DIY/self-supply needed for the watch. But if you really, really want one pad that does the lot then maybe this will still appeal.

UPDATE: Try promo code 'Vissles' at checkout for 20% off!


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