Computer help in the Reading, Woodley, Earley, Twyford and Wokingham areas

I've started doing a local IT support thing, linked below! Here's the pitch:
Now that COVID-19 lockdown is about to be lifted, have you had your eyes opened to a whole new world where your computers and other technology will play a larger part in your working and home life going forwards? The Internet means that all of us have a chance to at least step back partly from the rat race and work from home. Or perhaps it's your life-line to distant family and it needs to be smoother and more reliable?

Which is where I offer my computer help services in the ReadingWoodleyEarleyTwyford and Wokingham areas.
If you've ever thought:
  • 'that's not right, surely?' or
  • 'I wish someone could sit beside me and show me how to do this properly!' or
  • 'do I need a faster laptop or phone or can I get this one fixed up?' or
  • 'does this computer have a virus?'
  • why can't I get this channel on my 'smart TV'?
...then perhaps I'm the person to talk to. See my IT and computer help page in Reading and Woodley for full contact details.


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