An Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case Roundup

As usual for my case roundups, I'll cover a variety of styles, with most samples supplied by MobileFun, kind people that they are. See their complete range of iPhone 11 Pro cases and covers. See also Totallee, with one sample below.

The 11 Pro is one of the very top specced phones in the world right now, see here for my full video review.

But on with the cases, each link goes to the relevant product page, of course.

(I'll update this round-up as and when more cases arrive for review from other sources.)

Olixar FlexiCover Full Body Gel Case, £10

Oh dear. This is a tacky way to start a case round-up, but this is also the weakest design here, one which I can't really understand the point of. The closest I can come is that it's like putting your iPhone into a condom! You're effectively sheathing it in plastic, front and back.

Which I guess is good protection from sticky fingerprints (maybe in a family environment), but that's about it. There's almost no drop protection, since the plastic is very soft, plus it obviously massively impedes day to day use of the smartphone, since you're swiping over tacky plastic rather than oleophobic glass.

I'd also have to take issue with installation, since you have to figure out which half to put on first and then try to get the other half to wrap around it without any unsightly bulges.

Just avoid unless you have a very, very specific use case, like being able to hand your £1000 phone to your five year old to play games on!

Score: 5/10

VRS Design Genuine Leather Diary, Wine colour, £50

From flimsy and cheap to premium and expensive, this VRS Design case is terrific, with only one big caveat. Finished immaculately in genuine leather, this feels (and smells) a million dollars. 

It's a classic folio design, but VRS has done a good job of keeping the layers as thin as possible, so that the final cased phone/wallet  isn't unmanageable.

The phone sits in a clear plastic tray - this could be thicker and sturdier, but in VRS's defense it hasn't really got to take any strain, it simply has to keep the phone in place while the front and back leather do the actual protection.

Most of all though, this case is about raw functionality and premium looks. The former because of the well made three card slots in the front flap (one tastefully decorated in crocodile effect leather), plus no less than two cash (or ID) bays. The latter because of the super-luxurious 'wine' leather.

The big caveat I have to level is that there's no 'closure', no way of fastening the case closed. In your pocket it'll be OK because pressure will keep it closed, but away from your pocket, once you've got cards and money installed the case sits partly open when on the desk, for example.

On the other hand, putting on a closure would have added thickness. It's a compromise.

Still, a top notch case and an appropriate price.

Score: 9/10

VRS Design Damda High Pro Shield Case - Sand Stone, £17

Another VRS case, with sumptuous finish but again something of a caveat, which I'll illustrate.

The sand stone finish is top notch and the fit perfect, though I'd quibble with the fractional corner protection, both for corner drops and face drops. 

The puzzling thing is why the case is so thick in its back shell... and then you find out why when taking the 'Damda' design off. The back panel, which looks removeable, actually IS. It popped off for me as part of the bending needed to get this case off the iPhone!

Now the idea is, I'm sure, that VRS get to use this same basic back cover as the base for other designs, which might have a card holder or similar - or even just for cosmetic inserts. But it's a step too far here and adds thickness that isn't needed and a potentially cheap-feeling click-out insert that serves no purpose.

It's a compromise that's simply not needed.

Score: 7/10

Olixar Genuine Leather Case - Black, £15

Reminding me very much of the design of the premium Apple cases for the iPhone Pro, but at well under half the price, this Olixar design is superb.

Just thick enough, just grippy enough, just protective enough - the bottom of the iPhone always looks as if it's going to pop out of the case and yet it never does.

For day to day use in an office, this is ideal - you don't get top notch corner or face drop protection, but you do get a case that looks great. Regarding the title, this may be 'genuine leather' but it's thin and glues to a plastic substrate, so don't expect the full majesty of (for example) the VRS 'Diary' design above.

Good value and a case you can't go wrong with.

Score: 8/10

Olixar Carbon Fibre Case - Black, £13

This is more the style of case I'm used to - and Olixar have mastered making these and at a genuinely cheap price.

It's tough TPU all round, strong enough that there's reasonable drop protection from all sides and giving the impression that it'll last a lifetime. Being black, it won't show scuffs and dirt and it's hard to go wrong recommending this.

It's not sexy, it's not striking, it's not really premium in any way, yet it'll make sure that your £1000 iPhone stays pristine inside - even if you only get a glimpse of your phone's original colour around the camera lenses!

A top buy in my opinion, at £13.

Score: 9/10

UAG Plasma Case - Ice, £30

This is - without a shadow of a doubt - the most protective case in the round-up (at least from MobileFun) - and, surprisingly, doesn't look terrible. Super-rugged cases often look like monstrosities, but this isn't the case here (pun intended)!

The 'rugged' basics of ridged tough grippy TPU and assorted textures are here in spades, at least on the back, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the steam-punk back design goes rather well with the equally 'functional' three lens camera island of the iPhone 11 Pro.

So you get a sleek front, highlighting the massive corner protection, and then an err..... 'interesting' back, demonstrating that you're using this case in order to get more from your iPhone in all weathers and up and down all hills and mountains. 

So not quite an office phone, but it's very solid, there's a genuine smug 'I'm never going to break my phone' feeling, and I'd recommend it to anyone prizing protection over value.

Score: 8/10

Olixar NovaShield Bumper Case - Black, £13

There's a trade-off in going from simple, squishy TPU to tougher, matt plastics - the goal is to look better and, in theory, offer even more protection, but the downside is that you then can't see the colour scheme and logo from your iPhone. The NovaShield series fixes that by fusing a clear back with a matt finish tough plastic outer frame.

And it works, superbly. There's the Apple logo that you just know you want to show off, and yet you're protected from drops from just about any angle.

The button covers are styled to be flush and maybe aren't quite as easy to find as I'd like, but they do work well and in this case (pun intended) style comes first, I think.

Score: 8/10

Olixar Canvas Wallet Case - Grey, £13

Never mind faux leather (which Olixar often uses), they've gone down a different path here - and I like it a lot. The cover material is quoted as canvas, but it's clearly rubberised, and ends up being both grippy and supremely comfortable in the hand.

The folio design is quite traditional, with a fold in the back section to allow use as a media 'stand' (not shown). The canvas is (happily) thin enough not to add significant bulk, plus the phone tray itself is thinner than usual (though still serves its function). The upshot of all of this is that the cased phone isn't crazily thick, yet looks a million dollars.

Plus you get a card slot, though only one - I do wonder whether any of us could get down to just one these days? Maybe a driving license/ID card and everything else in the phone itself?

I loved this design and the only reason I'm not using it myself is that the closed folio flap also stops me seeing notifications as they come in. Which I kind of like. But for someone in meetings and more formal work then the closed folio equally means 'I'm focussed and I'm not going to get disturbed'!

Score: 9/10

Totallee Thin Transparent Clear Soft, $30

Not much of a catchy name then, buttThis, this is how you do a minimalist case that's also protective. Stunningly well made, the Totallee design is like a top brand, premium suit for your phone. Yes, the idea of clear TPU is done by a hundred eBay sellers, but this is the one to get, albeit at a (relatively) premium price - the fit is perfect.

In place, it's as if Apple had made the iPhone 11 Pro in plastic - it's that snug and feels as if the phone and case are one, and yet with just an extra millimetre added to the overall phone thickness. Plus an extra protective border around the camera cluster, which seems like a very good idea.

Being clear, you get to enjoy the colour and design of your new flagship iPhone, but it's protected from day to day knocks and dirty surfaces. There's a tiny - and I mean tiny - lip over and above the phone's display, giving nominal face down protection, again on a dirty counter top or similar.

Drop protection is obviously not massive here, but my feeling is that with grippy plastic all over it's far less likely that you'd drop the iPhone in the first place.

A top notch TPU implementation.

Score: 10/10


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