Case round-up for the Google Pixel 4

In the reviews of the brand new Pixel 4 so far, I note that the painted finish on metal and glass is worrisome - surely it's going to rub off and look tatty at some point? So here we go with some likely case contenders...

As usual for my case roundups, I'll cover a variety of styles, with most samples supplied by MobileFun, kind people that they are. See their complete range of Pixel 4 cases and covers.

But on with the individual cases, each link goes to the relevant product page, of course.

(I'll update this initially-brief round-up as and when more cases arrive for review from MobileFun and from other sources.)

Olixar ExoShield, £7

No, that price isn't a typo. It's just superb value. You're getting a top quality clear case with 'slab' (read: grippy) sides, reinforced 'bubble' corners, and the clarity that shows off your Pixel's real colour.

The only small caveat is that you have to have good fingernails to peel off the protective film that the case ships with. Maybe parcel this job off to your partner? Once off, though, this is a top solution. The plastic's hard without being harsh and the ExoShield is (again) one of the most protective cases I looked at.

Score: 9/10

Olixar 'Leather-style' Wallet, £10

I realise that the clue is in the name - 'leather-style' is thinner and cheaper than real leather, and it shows - and feels.

This is the bare minimum for someone who wants a 'wallet' case for their Pixel 4, though I'd recommend paying just a little more and going for the Canvas option below.

The catch is magnetic, the card slots minimalist, and the plastic shell that the phone sits in is quite thick and sharp edged, especially around the button cut-outs on the right.

You do get (not shown) a 'media watching' mode, wherein the phone stands up in landscape mode against the folio, but overall the case just feels a little 'cheap'. Which is a shame considering how much you just paid for the Pixel 4 in the first place. I think it deserves more!

Score: 7/10

Olixar 'Attache', £7

Wow. There's that price again - and if you prefer a textured matt black tough case then this is the one to get, arguably.

The textured back looks fantastic. Yes, it's obvious it's not real leather, but I don't care - it looks the part and is very grippy. Ditto the flat sides, with rubberised TPU, and the Attache design has stood me well on numerous previous smartphones.

As with the ExoShield (above), there's enough case around the front of the phone that there's protection against face drops. All very snug.

Amazing value at the £7 price as I write this. Snap it up!

Score: 9/10

Olixar Canvas, Grey, £13

This is the folio case I'd go for at under £30 (I'll come to Noreve's options at a later date). I love the material on the front, it's soft, yet grippy, and looks smart. Then there's the single card slot - one card is enough to bulk out the cover and cases which go for two often feel too bulky.

The plastic section that holds the Pixel 4 could do with not being glossy - it just looks cheap. But it does include button covers, so pressing power or volume isn't uncomfortable, as on the folio above.

Plus the rear of the case looks a little lopsided, thanks to there not being enough room to implement a full loop of material around the rear bezel - but it all works when in place, the phone feels great in the hand (or as great as a folio ever feels).

As with the other folio cases, this does include the material fold on the back that allows a 'media stand' mode.

If you can thin your life down to a single plastic card then you can't go wrong with the Olixar Canvas.

Score: 9/10

Olixar Blue Flexishield, £3

Yep. Three quid, currently on sale. Which is rather impressive considering how little bulk this adds to the Pixel 4 and how snugly it fits.

I'd advise you to think about colours though - the review blue case didn't go that well with the review orange Pixel 4! Oh well....

Yes, it's minimalist, but it's made very well and it's a lot cheaper than an equivalent down your local High Street accessories shop. Hit!

Score: 8/10

Olixar Ultra-Thin, Clear, £7

Reminiscent of the 'Totallee' cases, which are much more expensive, the name here is very apt. The aim is to add minimal thickness, such that the case sides don't protrude beyond the front face of the phone. So no face drop protection, but you do get more general drop and scuff protection - to a degree.

There's a handy rim around the Pixel 4's camera island, to stop that scratching a surface (or be scratched itself), but otherwise it's just delightfully thin and well fitting.

Overall, my favourite case of the selection here, though I'd swap it out for the Canvas one if heading to a business meeting, and I'd swap it for the Attache if I was on a hike in the rain and mud!

Score: 9/10


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