Lightning cables: 2m or go home! (Choetech review)

My family and I have discovered over the last decade of owning iPhones that the standard 1m cables, such as the ones Apple includes in the phone boxes, just aren't long enough: with the power adapter in a wall plug or a floor 4-way gang, the lead barely reaches onto the sofa or bed and then you've got to constantly worry about the iPhone being charged being knocked off. Or finding it hard to use while being charged.

The answer is, of course, to have a longer cable in the first place. Our home is now outfitted with 2m cables, giving masses of extra flexibility. And, in this case, with the Choetech cable here sent in for review, giving extra ruggedisation as well.

This is really thick, coated in tough TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer), and claims to be tangle proof. It's certainly the most substantial Lightning cable I've ever used. It's fully Apple 'Mfi' certified too and I tested it with an 18W mains charger, to charge an iPhone 11 Pro with PD (Power Delivery) at 3A.

The specs say this can go up to 87W, staggeringly, to charge a Macbook. And I believe them, the cable is certainly thick enough in terms of carrying the current.

Of note is that this is a Type C to Lightning cable, reflecting the fact that most of the top end mains adapters now have moved on from USB-A (our house has a mix - half Type C as I write this).

The cable shown is on Amazon UK at just under £13, and also on Choetech's site here, at the slightly more expensive $24. I did note that they sell a white version too, which may go better in your rooms alongside other white Apple hardware!

Apple's own version of this cable is vastly more expensive (£35!!!), thinner and less robust. So why not go third party?

PS. Choetech say this works particularly well with their own Type C-outputting mains charger (here just £11 on Amazon UK), and I can verify this too.


I always thought it was a shame that the Apple Magnetic-connectors I remember from an old MacBook didn't make it out to more and more devices. Many times I tripped over that and it saved my bacon!

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