Review: Zecti LED Ring Light

(Disclaimer: this was sent in for review by Choetech, which I presume is related to the Zecti brand)

I have to confess that I'm not the target market for this ring light, for two reasons:

  1. I wear glasses, so you get horrible reflections of the LED in the lenses! (see frame grab below!)
  2. I don't use the internal phone holder - partly because of reason '1', and partly because it's not terribly rigid and is easy to knock slightly out of position, ruining framing.

My use case is when filming myself with the rear camera of a phone, for video podcasting. On a gloomy day, even by a window, a little extra light from the shadow side of my face is most welcome. So why not give this a try?

In reality the frame is very, very plastic (fair enough, as it is plastic), made worse by the sickly pink colour. The idea is clearly for 20 year old females to shoot selfie videos or pics - so perhaps I shouldn't mark the product down for this! (Backing up my theory, the product comes with two pink 'ears', which do nothing other than look cute!) 

It's also worth noting that this comes in white and black as well - phew!

The telescopic stand is mainly metal and very well made - it stays up and goes to about 2 metres, i.e. head height. Power is supplied by microUSB using the supplied lead from whatever source or power bank you have to hand.

Controls on the front cycle between different LED colour temperatures, though for my use a plain white is enough, plus you can dim the output if needed. 

The Zecti Ring Light is about £20 in all its colours here on Amazon UK. It's actually bright and surprisingly adaptable (evidenced by me finding a use for it!)


  • be aware of the caveat above about glasses
  • make sure you buy a suitable colour
  • forgive all the folding plastic - at least the unit is light enough that it can be taken out to a venue or on a trip if needed (a nylon carry case would have been handy, Zecti! Oh well....)


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