The Trials and Tribulations of Moving House - Getting Nowehere Fast

It struck me that trying to move house is unlike anything else in this life. For most tasks, you start, you put lots of effort in and then you gradually reach a goal. At any point you can say the job is xx% done. But when trying to move house, you put your house on the market, you tidy it up and get 20 viewers round over a month, you get an offer, you eventually find a new house that you like and put an offer in, which is accepted. Sounds good so far? But then the person buying your house can't sell their house and the house you want is snapped up by someone with no 'chain' behind them and in one fell swoop you're back to square one, effectively. Dozens (or even hundreds) of man hours and if things don't then come together pretty quickly then you might as well have just not bothered in the first place and it'll be time to try again next year. Sigh.


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