Blogging from the pub using the Nokia E90

Testing the waters - is the E90 compatible with Blogger's code?

For more on the E90 see


David said…
You live or lived judging on the post recently, quite near me. I.e. you live in the Sandhurst area, and I live in the Lightwater area. Interesting.
Got to say, love the ongoing review about the E90. I am most probably going to buy one now. I think I might even buy it sim free so orange don't get there grubby hands on it!
By the way, where is the canel with the boat and the lock? It's not the basingstoke canal is it?
I live in Woodley, not far away though. The canal is actually the Thames, I think, a lock in Sonning.

Paul.Higgs said…
Hi Steve, I'm also a mid-40's bloke who can't stand the "like, you know, like totally awesome" nonsense. My 16 year old son can talk for 10 minutes and only complete two sentences. But as my wife reminds me, "at least he's talking to us."
Any, I've really appreciated your thorough Ego review and have just pre-ordered one through Expansys Australia. New the wait.... Thanks for your great work and tell Mother England I miss her. Paul, Australia.
LanceW said…
So when do you think the E90 will be available here in the UK?
I thought it already was - I'm obviously wrong! Keep pressing your local Nokia shop etc. And keep an eye on Expansys as usual.

In the meantime, console yourself with the fact that Nokia can use this extra time to quosh any last minute bugs and add extra Download! apps 8-)

LanceW said…
Does not appear to be available yet on the Nokia webstore at least.

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