Putting the Apple iPhone into perspective

No, not an anti-iPhone rant, but a few links to put the new 'connect, wide-screened, iPod' into perspective. Tomi got me thinking, with his predictions piece on how the iPhone's release will signify a welcome change in attitudes of mainstream media towards smartphones. He's absolutely right, though both he and I are also taking every opportunity to point out to anyone that will listen that many of us having been doing almost everything the iPhone can do for several years now on much cheaper hardware. The Nokia N95, for example, knocks the iPhone's specification into a cocked hat and is available now and much cheaper. And it's arguably just as easy to use.

Talking of hardware though, what device do I really rate, which one do I recommend people save up for? It's a controversial choice, but I'd argue an awful lot of people should start saving pennies for the Nokia E90 Communicator. One device to do everything except make the tea? Oh, hang on, there's a third party app that does that too....


Duncan said…
What irritates me about the iphone is simply the masses of ipod users who have never used a smartphone saying it will be the ultimate 'smartphone' already! As you say, smartphones have been around for a while and almost all the features have been available already. However, what the iphone does better than any other smartphone is to present a beautiful interface, build and congruent design. The innovative touchscreen looks brilliant, and makes other touchscreen interfaces look old. I'm sure the other mobile makers can learn something from Apple about their design philosophies and innovation.

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