Sort of, you know, like

I can't stand it! I know I've ranted before about teenagers swearing, but this is almost as bad.... Listen to the average 8 to 16 year old talk these days and somehow extra words have crept into their grammar. And there are rules. Every sentence has to have three 'You know's in it, every noun has to have the word 'like' in front of it and every verb or adjective has to have 'sort of' prefixed. I'm guessing that once the kids grow up and have to earn a living, they'll discover a world of mature adults who don't waste every other word. Sigh. I know, I know, I'm getting old. Maybe I'll emigrate to a country with a less easily mangled language? Is there one?


David said…
children not kids!!!!
A kid is a young goat!

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