Just don't get me started on dogs. They bark and yap (especially at each other) and mess up the parks and frighten my daughter and wee on everything in sight need constant walks and grooming and vets bills and drool and moult and I can't for the life of me see why anyone (other than perhaps a really, desperately lonely pensioner) would want to own one. Why, why, why? Did I mention 'Why'?
(This post brought to you by the letters R and R and a UFO)


Anonymous said…
maybe if you didnt have such a dog problem your daughter wouldnt feel the need to feel frightened of them. Children learn by example. And as for wanting one, they are good company and there is nothing nicer than going for long walks with your dog. Responsible people also pick up after their dogs so therefore leave no mess. So sorry to tell you but we are not all desperate lonely pensioners!

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