Hospital layouts

Yes, I know that most hospitals are just glad to get the money they get, and that they grow as-and-when they get the chance. But they really, really could do a better job of telling people how to get to their appointments. After half an hour of wandering corridors, with coloured signs advertising all sorts of things ending in 'ics' and multiple conflicting arrows pointing up ever longer corridors, all you want to do is shout 'Just tell me where to go!'. Maybe they should send you a sketch map with your appointment letter: 'x' marks where you need to go? One hospital I went to last month had a great idea: in one central junction was an elderly couple (volunteers?), whose sole purpose for being there was to direct people as to where to go. Great idea. Why can't we have more like this? Never mind the fancy signs and hospital jargon, just give us more grandads and grannies.
(This post brought to you by the letters R and R and a remote control dalek)


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