Litter louts

Imagine if every smoker who dropped his fag ends on the ground, every teenager who spat out their chewing gum on the pavement, every kid who scattered their sweetie wrappers all around them, were confronted en masse and the reality of what they do made to sink in. If it weren't for councils paying people to go (walking or driving) round picking up all their rubbish, the entire country would be covered in a layer of litter and c**p to a depth of one metre (from dept of statistics). If they could take the effort to use the appropriate bins, our council bills would be much reduced, we'd all be better off, giving them more money to spend on cigarettes, chewing gum, sweets,... no, hang on, that could make the situation even worse.....
(This post brought to you by the letter Y and Z and some wristwatch walkie talkies)


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