Prices ending in 99p

The really horrible thing about the 'system' is that we all know it works. I see something marked £3.99 and my mind sticks it in the mental category 'between £3 and £4'. And if it's something I really want, my mind's liable to dismiss the 99p altogether. But imagine a world where everything was priced in nice round numbers, say in multiples of 50p (or 50 cents, if you're American). Quite apart from making prices simpler and shorter, we wouldn't need the vast bulk of today's small change (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p), everybody's pockets would be lighter and cleaner, adding things up in your head accurately would be a doddle, and the world would surely be a better place. And guess what, the shops and manufacturers would be happier too, as they'd be able to round all the prices up. I'd happily pay a little extra for a simpler, more efficient pricing scheme.


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