So let's get this straight. It's 2005, we can do business online all day every day, we have telephony coming out of ears, motoring and public transport costs have risen and risen, yet every single weekday the roads round the country get clogged up with all the people in town B commuting to towns A and C, while those in A are off to B and C, and the people in C are simply trying to get into their own town centre. Sure, there are some businesses where a certain amount of physical presence is needed from their staff, but for the rest of the workforce, think how many gazillions of man hours could be saved each year by letting people work from their homes. Employees, you'll double your standard of life. Bosses, you'll save your staff time and make them more productive and motivated because they'll be judged on results rather than punch-in, punch-out timekeeping. Meanwhile, rats in those jams, I'll be thinking of you stuck in your '8 mile tailback on the A46' next time I make the 10 second journey from kitchen to office with a plate of hot toast....
(This post brought to you by the letters P and O and an incandescent globe)


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