Snobbish classical music buffs

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not dissing people who love classical music. I own quite a few classical CDs and at certain times I love listening to them. But I also like Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Keane, X-ray Spex, Santana, Deep Purple, Hawkwind.... and even a bit of Robbie and Madonna. And apart from rap (another rant for another day), I enjoy the best of just about every genre of music. So why do a high proportion of classical buffs turn up their nose at anything written since about 1930? What's so scandalous about the Beatles writing something that's as good as one of Chopin's sonatas? What's wrong with a piece of music with rhythm? It's just pure snobbishness, that's what it is. Mind you, maybe I'm just jealous that classical fans get their own sound-proofed room in many big HMV and Virgin shops. Why can't we have similar rooms for proper music and leave the till area for piped Kylie and Eminem?
(This post comes to you thanks to the letters I and E and a very special key)


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