Soap operas

Look. Real life is challenging. There are families to raise, bills to pay, work to do, hobbies to enjoy, friends to meet and generally things to do. Trying to get all this done and remember all that you need to remember before your brain cells finally all die is, I would have thought, enough of a challenge. But no, it seems that a vast proportion of the population don't seem to actually have a life like this and feel the need to fill their time and brain with hour after hour of other people's imaginary lives. As evidence I bring you Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale, Casualty, Hollyoaks, the list is virtually endless. You could quite happily surf the channels and fill your entire day with imaginary melodramatic nonsense. I can partly forgive the current craze for 'reality TV' - after all, this is at least a window into someone else's real life. But soap operas have no redeeming features whatsoever, waste billions of man hours of a country's population each year and, from what I've seen, just depress people by exagerating the problems in real life to murderous proportions. Grr....
(This post brought to you by the letters W and V and a wristwatch TV)


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