DRM and Copy Protection

You really would have thought the music industry would have learned by now. According to this post, the latest Sony DRM hoo-ha can be circumvented anyway with a bit of Gaffa tape. Then we had earlier systems for which the expensive workaround was a swipe with a marker pen. In every single case of digital rights when applied to movies and music, honest consumers get inconvenienced while the people intent on getting the stuff for free merely use the appropriate workaround or utility. In other words, it's a lose-lose situation, for the studios and the consumers. The music industry should concentrate on making CDs cheaper (say £5 or $10) and then people wouldn't bother pirating them in the first place - after all, I'd rather have the real deal on my shelf than a CDR burned from some MP3 files I 'found' on the Internet. Sony, EMI and the rest of you - time for a drastic rethink.
(This post brought to you thanks to the letters K and R and some key-ring pliers)


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