Rap music

It's supposedly a well established phenomenon that new music sounds terrible as you get older, so that you still get the chance to shout up the stairs to your kids "Turn that racket down!", just as your parents did when you were playing Deep Purple or Jimi Hendrix. But I don't believe it for a second. There's plenty of modern music that I absolutely love, from Coldplay to Keane to the Manics to Dido to Moby to Karnataka. Good music, good tunes are timeless. But rap music - well, it's isn't really music, is it? I mean there's no tune. Yes, some of the lyrics are cleverly rhymed and I'm sure some rap songs show a great social conscience. But to listen to rap track after rap track, with just a discordant rhythm section backing rap 'singers' talking out their compositions at 120mph, with little attempt at melody or variation, isn't my idea of fun. After a minute of lines all ending in "ation", I feel an uncontrollable urge to switch station or switch off. Simply awful.
(This post brought to you thanks to the letters A and B and the Bedlam Cube)


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