Suicidal Smokers

Look. It's hard enough to get to three score years and ten anyway, what with all the things that could go wrong with the human body. So why on earth do hundreds of millions of people across the world continue to pollute the innards of their body with nicotine, tar and other chemicals, when every single packet of cigarettes they buy has HUGE WARNINGS (yes, like that) telling them they're seriously damaging their health and could die as a result? Addiction? Sure, but we're not talking heroin here, we're talking about a little will power and the desire to change one's life for the better. And they'd save themselves a fortune into the bargain, what with the current price of 'smokes'. Cancer isn't a disease that can be caught, it's simply the natural cell reproductive process starting to go horribly wrong. And the presence of cigarrette smoke and chemicals is a damn good way to start that sort of mutation off. Continuing to smoke is suicide. Literally.


Elena said…
Why does it bother you that they are committing suicide? One thing if its your Dad and you're worried about his health but for the millions of people who have CHOSEN to smoke a legally available drug and who CHOOSe not to quit (I completely agree with you, a little will power goes a long way) Who are you to stop them choosing what goes in to their own bodies?

Smoking does not change your personality. Alchohol does. You can still be a functioning member of society being a nicotine addict. The same cannot be said for alchoholic. And people "upped" on nicotine will not generally commit violent crimes, sexual crimes or generally cause havock BECAUSE of their inebriated state. They might be jerks and do it anyway. But it will have nothing to do with the nicotine.

In the long run it has also been proven that an alchoholic would die before a heroin addict if the drug was the only factor. (Don't ask me who by, I read it once so if I'm talking out of my ass I take it back)

So why oh why do people continue to commit suicide, irreversible damage to their organs and act like jackasses with the helpful aid of alchohol still?

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