Sunday drivers

There are enough bad drivers on the road at the best of times, but Sunday brings out the very worst of them all. You know you're in trouble when you come up behind a 20 year old car that still looks new, moving at snail-like speed. It's basically kept in a garage all year and comes out on sunny weekends for a trundle round town and it's being driven by a 60 year old how's eyesight and reflexes are seriously letting him/her down but they're loathe to admit it, so they just keep on driving. Wandering all over the lane (and sometimes adjoining ones), slowing down for corners while they're still in the previous county and building up to the big finale, where they completely fail to park anywhere within the lines prescribed. I know all this because I come up against drivers like this every week. And because I've had relatives exactly like this, one of whom eventually admitted defeat when he couldn't see the road anymore and handed in his license. Just keep Sunday drivers away from me...
(This post comes to you thanks to the letters W and R and an almost real light saber)


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